I was born in 1979 in the city of Cartagena (Spain). My first contact with a guitar was at the age of 12, when I begun to play various traditional styles and also modern music; and since my very chilhood I had crafting concerns.

My passion for the world of sound led me to study Telecommunication Engineering, with specialization on Sound and Image Engineering. It was then that I entered the world of building, studying and researching guitar in general, both acoustic and electric. And as a result at the end of my studies I presented an electric guitar for educational purposes for the students of the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM).

Then I decided to move to Madrid to learn the principles of the Spanish traditional method with the guidance of Arturo Sanzano in his workshop located at calle Segovia (Madrid), and I was also in touch with other guitarrist of the schools of Madrid and Granada to know the intrincacies of the classical and flamenco guitar, always keeping and eye to the work of the great European and American acoustic luthiers.

Today my workshop-laboratory is located at calle Marina 29 in Barrio Peral, Cartagena. It is here where I am combining the building of my own models of acoustic, classical and flamenco guitars with their development and research at the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM).

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