„Cornelia Traudt knows how to impress even with this 8-string Artist Special. From the best hand working fundamental soil springs wonderful fruit, that makes the mouth water. This instrument offers a fine tonal culture with a harmonic overtone spectrum and good tonal development. The extended tonal spectrum of the lower registers opens more possibilities in the performance of historical music, for example the arrangements of lute tablature from the Barock period, as well as the modern tonal concepts of someone like Egberto Gismonti, who plays a 10 to 14 string guitar. Those who are looking for a new challenge can find it with this instrument built by Cornelia Traudt. A visit to Elsass is worth it, especially if you take time to enjoy some of the special food. From a pleasure seeker recommended - Vive la petite différence!“
Franz Holtmann

Cornelia Traudt is a self-employed master luthier, living and working in the French village of Petersbach, not far from the German border. The pastoral landscape of Nordvogesen region of France has left a positive impression on her, which gives her strength and inspiration for her artistic creations:

„My job is to take the components such as tone expectations, choice of woods, artistic and esthetic touch, together with experience, to compose an instrument of full character. The musician "opens" the instrument and breathes life into it. Through this act the instrument becomes a well of inspiration.“

A variation on the "Aimée", with flamed mountain maple, a fine alpine spruce top and French polish, is played by David Qualey on his newest CDs "Time Passing" and "Daheim". All musicians are heartily invited to visit me in my workshop.

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